Thorail "Lore Hunter"

Mage in search of arcane knowledge from Shul Shennek



Ht: Wt: Age: Race: Elf


Thorail has been cloistered for the majority of his life at Shul Shenneck. The effect has skewed his view of the world, thinking perhaps that he will be protected from danger forever and allowed to study in leisure. Having left Shul Shenneck, his view hasn’t changed as yet. His thirst for knowledge is undiminished and remains his passion. But this can get himself into trouble. Case in point: during the last adventure, he was willing to put himself at risk to discover the magical properties of a previously unknown chamber in a Slaughtergarde shard. It nearly killed him.


He has spent his years studying arcane tomes, acquiring mystical knowledge. Spells intrigue him, even if he cannot cast them.

His mentor of some 40 years died at the ripe age of 501. Before his death, his Master encouraged his apprentices to explore the outside world to temper their knowledge with practical experience.

He left the confines of elf settlement of Shul Shennek earlier this year. His travels have brought him to the largest town in the valley, Sumberton. So far his journey has been a lonely one. Only a few acquaintances has he made thus far.

Thorail "Lore Hunter"

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