Dawn & Dusk Stones

Magical communication item


This is a small sunstone the shape and size of a wren’s egg. Normally opaque, the reddish-brown stone sparkles when held to the light, as if it has its own glowing core. The stone registers as magical, though its purpose is Hard to divine.


This rare, but mundane stone is prized by the Knights of the Luminous Order and are enchanted as communication devices. They are used by its agents to send reports back to the Shining Citadel. Each stone has an counterpart stone; the Dawn stone is given to an agent – the assocaited Dusk stone is kept in the highest tower of the citadel. Each day, after sunrise, the agent can speak a message into the Dawn stone. When held to the sunrise, the message is transmitted to a sister stone that will project the spoken message as script when struck by the following sunset. The Dusk stones are kept in a window facing west where an acolyte is tasked with recording the reports each evening before they disappear. The messages only go one way; to the reciever stone stone.

HARP rules: The stone does require some attunement to use and the user’s message is limited to a number of words equal to the number of ranks in Attunement skill. It is Very Hard for non Luminary Knights to attune to a stone and conversely Easy for Luminary adherents.

Dawn & Dusk Stones

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