Tiertan "Dark Fox"

Rogue with a knack for melee


He is a member of the Agents of Oakheart in Shul Shennek. They are a small group of scouts who explore the wider world outside the forest to keep abreast of current events in and outside the valley. As a newly appointed recruit Tiertan has been charged with surveying the valley to familiarize himself with its layout. Agents operate with relative autonomy. It is expected that any crucial information will be passed back to Shul Shennek so appropriate action can be taken as needed.

Tiertan has focused his training on observation and personal combat. He is a formidable hunter of lone prey and is adept at eavesdropping. Conversations in a crowded tavern are not safe from his ears.

At present he is accompanying a young (in elf terms) mage to Sumberton. There Tiertan will begin his exploration of the valley and uncovering its secrets.


Escorted Thorail from Shul Shennek and joined the party as a scout an melee specialist.

Tiertan "Dark Fox"

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