Former blacksmith turned Ranger


Born is Tulvercross, Dahmel worked as an apprentice blacksmith for his uncle in Stump Flat. Like many in his clan he is tall and strong, perfectly suited to the family profession. Some secret family craft recipes are written in dwarvish.

Working for his uncle he made horse tackle and axes for the local woodcutters. Recently his father disappeared, falling victim to bandits in the Kurkel Ridge. Dahmel returned home to care for his mother and help raise his brother Teras. Teras, though younger, hides his emotions and endures the pain, while Dahmel fumes trying to set things right.

Bandit hunting does not pay well, so Dahmel has traveled to Sumberton seeking gainful employment. He lost all of his savings on a horse race bet before he left Stump Flats.


Slaughtergarde Andaeson