Calael “Hawkarrow”

Archer assassin from Shul Vaath


He was born to an elven mother and a human father. As a young man he lived in Shuul Vaath among the elves of the Vaathwood Forest in the south. Sharp eyes and quiet stride make him the ideal hunter. As an adolescent he spent his time roaming Vaathwood, perfecting his craft.

Though not unhappy among the elves he always yearned to find his father and learn of his human family. The elves scoff at his desire, only his mother encourages him. All he has of his father is the name “Tamas” and a small shard of volcanic glass with a faint, ever-flickering light inside.

Times are hard and he had to pawn his fine elven bow and sword until a payday finds him.

Calael “Hawkarrow”

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