Post session - Return to Sumberton

The intrepid party hauls the eight spice crates and their bruised bodies back into the afternoon sunlight. With welcome warmth on their faces and the oppressive evil behind them, the search begins for their wagon and horses. A hacked and beaten horse carcass marks the location of their camp. The wagon is easy to track. Only a short way down the gulley trail it stands immobile – its demise a damaged wheel. Dahmel makes temporary repairs to the wagon making it roadworthy while Calael tracks the missing horses. Only Kark’s riding horse is found. Without a proper draft horse and pulling a jury-rigged wagon, the road to Sumberton is slow.

By midday a caravan catches the party’s hobbled wagon along the Sumberton Road. The merchants offer to transport the party’s cargo on one of their wagons – they are eager to make better time through the bandit-infested Kurkle Ridge. There is an ease among caravan now that they have joined with the well armed party and the remaining road passes uneventfully.

The party is stopped at the Sumberton gate. Guards demand a tax on all goods entering the city. Thorail debates with the guards to no avail as the cargo is diverted to a holding area. Word is sent to the Chicane guild and Mr. Wagstick arrives quickly. A few words, a few coins and the matter is resolved. Wagstick encourages the party to clean up and refresh themselves before a dinner with Lady Vintra. She has invited them to the Chicane Guildhouse for a well deserved feast.



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